I already have a product,
so why should I do it?

If you have a new problem to solve, sure! Normally we'll do something complete decoupled from the rest of your application. After you learn and validate your assumption, we suggest code refactoring with your current stack.

None of your hacks respect
my wireframe, what should I do?

First you should ask yourself why your UI/UX experience is better than the existing ones. If you still want to try this experience, we'll probably use Bubble.is (really customizable), Construct 2 (really customizable) or Wordpress (kinda of customizable).

Can we build a new hack

#challengeAccepted! We love new challenges. Things we already know we still can't work out: highly regulated sectors; technical focus products (ie. antivirus); IoT; VR / AR; and 3D Games.

I can't see any difference
from a Design Sprint

Products and Hacks and Design Sprint are complementary. As you can see in this image, we have a different focus. We focus on building and launching your own product - it's like "HOW" to solve your problem - with product. DS focuses on understanding and putting everybody at the same page - it's like "WHAT" you want to solve.

Can we try to do it alone?

Sure! We believe many of you want to try alone. No problem. We have how-tos (sorry, only in portuguese for now) explaining every hack that we made. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.